Controversial socialite Paris Hilton, infamous for the internet leak of her sex tape, says she wanted to be like Princess Diana, but these scandalous incidents in her life have prevented her from fulfilling her dream.

The heiress of the Hilton group of hotels, has made the claim in a new documentary on her life Paris, Not France, which debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival last September and was shown at the ongoing 62nd Cannes Film Festival this weekend, reported a website.

Apart from her sex tape with Rick Solomon, her raunchy videos and pictures, a charge for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) and a short spell behind bars marred her social image.

Talking about that sex video, Hilton said, "When I heard about it I thought 'Yeah right. It's going to be a look-alike. It's going to be a joke.' But a couple of hours later it was all over online and then I saw it. It's the most intimate thing you can do and the whole world is watching it and laughing at you."

"That's not what I wanted when I was a little girl. It's not what I planned. I always looked up to people like Princess Diana and now I can never be like that."

The documentary has been shot in London, New York, Tokyo, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. It explores the empire the millionaire has created for herself and the girl that lies beneath the public persona.

"People see me as a Barbie with a perfect life, a fantasy... maybe that's what they like. There's a mystery about me because how I am in public is completely different to how I am in private," she added.