Katie Price a.k.a. Jordan and Peter Andre’s marriage has been virtually sexless for two years, it has been revealed.

The News of the World uncovered the shocking truth behind glamour queen Jordan’s split from long-suffering husband.

In an emotional confession to pals, 36-year-old singer Peter said: ‘I’ve been saying for a long time it was a case of ‘when’ not ‘if’ we divorced. The relationship’s been going under since 2007 but I was terrified of missing the kids.’

Jordan also admitted that the first sign of them heading towards splitsville came when their sex life went quiet.

She told a friend: ‘We’d lost that passion in bed. I know it goes after a while for everyone but for us it had been so good, so important, so hot.’

A pal of Peter’s told News of the World: ‘Things haven’t been right in the bedroom for almost two years. To put it bluntly, Jordan stopped fancying him. It caused big problems because she has a huge sex drive.’

Besides the sex drought, the 3½-year marriage was doomed by demanding Jordan.