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Thread: 2010 Commonwealth Games 6-8 pct over budget..!!

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    Default 2010 Commonwealth Games 6-8 pct over budget..!!

    Commonwealth Games 6-8 pct over budget..!!

    Higher construction costs will force the 2010 New Delhi Commonwealth

    Games to go 6-8 per cent over the planned $1.6 billion budget and there will

    be some delays completing the facilities, an organising committee director

    said on Thursday.

    Two of the Games venues will miss the December 2009 deadline, the

    organising committee joint director general, Tribhuvan Shawkar Darbari, said

    at a UK India Business Council Conference.

    The cycling metrodome will not be ready until March 2010, while the

    swimming pool complex should be completed sometime between Jan. 31 and

    Feb 15 2010.

    Increases in construction costs such as steel, cement and labour have led to

    the increase in costs, Darbari said.

    “Deadlines have to be maintained so the revalidation of the budget, the re-

    appropriation and so on, as a strategy, has been worked out,” he said.

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