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Thread: please help me out... :(

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    Default please help me out... :(

    i m a boy around 6ft and around 130kgs can be more.. though i dont look dat fat i luk as if my weight is around 90-100kg. I m trying to loose my weight i dnt care wether my weight get less or not i just want to be in shape...
    the problem is i cant control my foood habits... please help me out wat all shud i eat to reduce weight i hve joined gym to make sum muscles & go running (run as much as i can to loose weight) please tell me wat all shouldi eat... like lemon water and all ... & how can i tighten my chest muscles the r saggy i mean due to ats dey appear a little like breasts... i hate it .. please help deep problem.. santabanta is my only hope ....

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    ya have lemon water wid honey in the morning on an empty stomach.
    as u r running so continue it so that u remain in good shape.
    as far as your chest muscles , u have joined the gym so. there u can do execises, but wid the help of the trainer. otherwise u can hurt urself.

    the food u shud avoid are sugar, fatty foods, junk foods like pizza , burger, french fries etc..

    take brown bread instead of white bread.
    have ur dinner 2 hours b4 sleeping as our metabolism rate is slow at night .
    these are some small tips frm me. i hope it cud help u.


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