Talking about professionalism, Soha Ali Khan recently shot for an hot scene with Shiney Ahuja
(with whom she shares cold vibes) for PNC's Accident.

Reveals a unit member, "Shiney and Soha play a husband-wife jodi that is emotionally distanced
as she's recovering from an accident and the loss of her baby. They come to stay in a bungalow and that's
where they have an intimate moment. Soha had no qualms or inhibitions while enacting the scene."

When quizzed about it the actress admits, "I have done intimate scenes earlier in Khoya Khoya Chand.
Even Antar Mahal was a very progressive subject with lots of intimacy involved. I am open to doing certain scenes
that are within my comfort level but I won't do anything for commercially exploitative reasons to bring
in the eyeballs. Whether it's a kiss or a lovemaking scene it should make script sense."

However, Soha is quick to point that she hasn't kissed Shiney, "There's no physical lovemaking scene. It's all subtle with silences and imagery. I do draw the limit in certain scenes. In such case,s I won't tell the director at the last moment to delete the scene but instead ask him to choose another actor right at the beginning ."
Soha is very enthused about her role in Accident.

"It's not your typical Indian horror film. It has an international quality to it. It's a psychological-cum-supernatural
horror where there's a gradual deterioration of this girl's mind. The audiences have to keep guessing
as the film progresses whether it's supernatural or psychological.

The way the film has been shot is different the colors are moody, there are lots of silences and shadows...
it's a very interesting unexplored genre for me of the classic horror mould."