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Thread: Khali is a great asset to WWE: Kane

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    Default Khali is a great asset to WWE: Kane



    Khali is a great asset to WWE: Kane

    He might have robbed him of a chance to rumble at 'Wrestlemania 23' two

    years ago but wrestling giant Kane feels his Indian counterpart Khali is a

    great asset to WWE and admires him for that.

    Khali had been instrumental in Kane's ouster from the 'Money in the Bank'

    qualifying match for 'Wrestlemania 23' in 2007 but that doesn't stop the 'Big

    Red Machine' from showering praise on his on-screen rival.

    "Khali is undoubtedly a great asset to WWE. His popularity is over the roof in

    India and he is an idol for kids. I think the people of India should be really

    proud of him," the seven-feet half-brother of The Undertaker said on his third

    visit to India.

    Kane believes the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is not just confined

    to sporting action and bitter rivalry amongst wrestling superstars.

    "The job of a WWE superstar is to entertain people. This is not just sports,

    it's sports entertainment," Kane says.

    The sports star admits that The Undertaker has played a key role in his

    wrestling success though both of them have locked horns umpteen times on

    the ring.

    "As far as my relationship with The Undertaker is concerned he had a great

    impact on my career. Without him I certainly would not have been where I

    am today," says the nine-time WWE team champion.

    Kane, who has two Hollywood films to his credit says he loves Indian culture

    and spicy curries but is wary of trying his hands at Bollywood.

    "Bollywood is a little different from Hollywood. It has songs and dance, so I'm

    not sure, but maybe I can," he said.

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    Yes he is.........!
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    Priyanka ka Deewana

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    Khali is a massive genetic monster he scares me

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