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Thread: 'We knew about Viru's injury': Dhoni

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    Post 'We knew about Viru's injury': Dhoni

    Mahendra Singh Dhoni

    'We knew about Viru's injury': Dhoni

    The Indian cricket team's ICC World Twenty20 campaign has so far been

    played out at two parallel tracks.

    On one hand, there's intrigue and subterfuge, a cold war between the players

    and the media (irrelevant from the perspective of the Indian cricket fan

    perhaps), an opener returning home, injured; and a captain clamming up, hurt.

    On the other is the cricket the team have been playing out on the field -

    confident and clinical, flamboyant and full of joy.

    At no point have the two paths looked like crossing. India have only played

    Bangladesh and Ireland - longest of long shots in this super short format -

    but during the 73.3 overs they've spent on the field so far, never have they

    looked like a team beset by infighting.

    The team management sought to put an end to the controversy surrounding

    Sehwag's injury once and for all on Thursday, saying it had been aware of

    the injury right through and had kept him in the squad in the hope that he

    would get fit enough to play some part in the tournament.

    "Zaheer (who also had a shoulder injury) got fit, unfortunately Sehwag did

    not," manager Chamundeshwarnath told reporters.

    Skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni pointed out that it made little sense replacing

    a player such as Sehwag unless they were sure he could not play.

    "We all know the potential that he has and when you have that kind of

    potential, you keep them in the squad hoping that they get fit for the first

    match, and if not the first match then the second match."

    If a replacement had been sought early, he pointed out, Sehwag could not

    have played even if he had recovered. "Sometimes, we cannot discuss

    everything in a press conference."

    When asked, Nath dismissed rumours that Sehwag had undergone surgery in

    Nottingham on Thursday morning. "He only went for a consultation," he said.

    The team have been slammed over the last week for being ambiguous on

    Sehwag's status. However, information provided earlier in the week did

    suggest that they had stated the facts clearly.

    Coach Gary Kirsten had explained the nature of the injury on the eve of

    India's opening match against Bangladesh on June 5, saying it was a Grade I


    "He picked it up during the semi-finals of the IPL. We're keeping him under

    observation and are hoping he'll play some part later in the tournament." For

    a player such as Sehwag, Kirsten had insisted, the team were willing to take

    a gamble.

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    Viru is great...... hope he plays good
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