If you want to be a sex Goddess, you must know the 'art of innovation'. Using different props and making variations to your routine is the key to keep the fun going and maintaining a great sex life..

So use these tips to make it a night he'll never forget

Hot stuff

Applying warm pressure to the right spots on a guy's body increases his blood flow, thus making his skin sensitive to stimulation. The longer you rub, the warmer it gets, thus making him go crrraaa-zzyyy!

Rough it up

Men love the wild and sexy side in women as it demonstrates desire and lust. Go for the 'I want you now' lip lock. Push your lips onto his, grab him by the head, and kiss him as if you haven't kissed in ages. Don't be afraid to be a little forceful - guys like it.

Cool down

Ice him! Rub ice all over his shoulders, neck, earlobes (men secretly love it!), inner thighs, back and abdomen. Men have erogenous zones too and you should explore them. Have an ice-kiss with him. **** on the ice and then kiss him. Feeling your cold lips will make him want you more. By the way, have you ever tried it with chocolate?

Go slow

Sure guys like it fast but sometimes nothing is more pleasurable than you taking your time with him. Be patient and take it slowly through the entire act. Watching the slow hunger build in him will not only turn you on but will also give him a big orgasm.

Rock him

Sit on him and take charge. Straddle him like you have never done before and move him the way you want to. This will surely turn him on.

Anything you do, he should never know what's coming next. See what works for both of you. Make the effort together and your sex life will be rocking.