Ryan Reynolds wore cellophane underwear while filming a sex scene with co-star Sandra Bullock for a new movie.

The actor plays PA Andrew Paxton in `The Proposal`, which revolves around an assistant whose boss forces him to marry her to ensure she isn`t deported.

He asserts that he had no problem donning the transparent garment as he thinks he looked good in it.

When asked whether a scene in which he and co-star Sandra Bullock appear naked was "sexy", he said` "I don`t know what was unsexy about it. I mean I was furnished with cellophane underwear that day. That`s a beautiful sight. A nice see through, cellophane Speedo."

Sandra insists she agreed to strip off for the movie as the scene, which sees the pair accidentally bump into each other while both are nude, was funny rather than romantic.

"I`ve done those scenes that are supposed to be sexy and they`re just not,” Contactmusic quoted her as having told BANG Showbiz.

“The full naked body, especially the men, and I hate to say it, a full frontal is not that funny or sexy. But you hide a little something between us men and women and it becomes sexy, it`s sexier,” she added.