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Thread: Flintoff set to quit Test cricket after Ashes..!!

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    Default Flintoff set to quit Test cricket after Ashes..!!

    Flintoff set to quit Test cricket after Ashes..!!

    Andrew Flintoff

    England all rounder Andrew Flintoff is ready to quit Test cricket at the end of this Ashes series.

    Flintoff, who has been afflicted with constant injuries, wants to quit five-day matches to prolong his career for England as an ODI and Twenty20 player.

    The all-rounder, 31, fears his body will no longer take playing all forms of the

    game. Flintoff's displays have dipped since his 2005 Ashes heroics, after a string of injuries and operations.

    He will today bowl in the nets to try to prove his fitness in order to play in the second Test against Australia at Lord's tomorrow.

    Flintoff's inclusion is doubtful after aggravating the right knee on which he had surgery in April, The Sun reports.

    Flintoff has undergone four ankle operations as well as suffering back, hip,

    shoulder and groin problems. And he knows his days as England's star in Test cricket are numbered because of the physical strain of bowling.

    Flintoff, a father of three, also does not want to leave his family for months

    on end. In the past, he has taken wife Rachael and his kids on tour, but that has become tough as they have reached school age.

    He plans to play in ODIs and T20 games, as well as keep his lucrative contract with Chennai Super Kings in the Indian Premier League.

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