(L-R) Omer Bhatti, Rebbie Jackson, Janet Jackson, Randy Jackson, Tito Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Jackie Jackson and Jermaine Jackson

Michael Jackson's 'secret love child' revealed

The dancer thought to be Michael Jackson's secret love child, Omer Bhatti, sat in the front row at the late singer's memorial service.

Omer Bhatti, Rebbie Jackson, Janet Jackson, Randy Jackson, Tito Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Jackie Jackson and Jermaine Jackson: Michael Jackson's 'secret love child' sat in front row of memorial service

Mr Bhatti, 25, sat alongside Jackson's brothers and sisters during the tribute two weeks ago. The news will fuel speculation that he is the late singer's fourth child.

Childhood photographs show an uncanny likeness to Prince Michael II, seven – also known as Blanket – the youngest of the Jackson's three children, and to the singer himself.

Jackson is reported to have told friends in 2004 that Mr Bhatti was born after a one-night stand in 1984. Mr Bhatti, from Norway, is seeking a DNA test to establish the truth.

After the singer's death, Mr Bhatti's mother Pia said: "He was the King of Pop. But for us he was so much more."During his childhood Mr Bhatti lived at Jackson's Neverland mansion for several years. Home video-footage shows a long-haired Mr Bhatti, then about 14, unwrapping Christmas presents with Jackson at the ranch.

In 2003, he was snapped at Jackson's birthday celebration and rode in a limo with the Thriller singer. Mr Bhatti was even in Neverland when police investigating child abuse allegations raided in 2003.

He said last year: "It was totally sick. It was the whole squad from Santa Barbara Police Department. We didn't know why they were there. Michael was not at home."

When Mr Bhatti was born, Jackson is said to have sent two employees to Oslo to help his mother raise him. They are reported to have first met in 1996, after the then 12-year-old impressed Jackson with his dancing.

It is thought Mr Bhatti's family sold their house in Holmlia, Oslo, and moved to Neverland in 1997. They have since returned to Norway.He had idolised Jackson since he was a child and has performed as a tribute act across the globe. From 1996 he began appearing in public with his idol and even performing with him.

Today Mr Bhatti is trying to make a name for himself in the world of rap and hip-hop, promoting himself under the stage name O-Bee. He has remained in LA since the memorial service.

At his family home in Norway Mr Bhatti's mother's Pakistani husband Riz told The Sun that he had sat in the front row at Jackson's service.

He said: "Yeah, yeah, I know because I was watching. I told my wife, 'Just wait until the press see this. It's not a small thing'." He would neither confirm nor deny that Mr Bhatti is Jackson's son. He said: "Make what you like. I don't want to discuss anything."