JORDAN will celebrate her official split from hubby Peter Andre with a televised "divorce party extravaganza".

The glamour girl has signed a deal for a new ITV2 fly-on-the-wall show.

And the series will end with the tacky blow-out.

A source said: "Jordan wants to have a real party when her divorce with Pete comes through.

"She wants to show the world how happy she'll be.

The plan is for her to invite a load of her friends and celebrities to toast her freedom."

The 31-year-old reckons the bash will be a "fitting finale" for the show, which focuses on her rebuilding her life after splitting with Pete in May.

ITV cameras have been following Jordan for weeks and will be with her throughout her divorce proceedings.

They filmed her when she fled to Ibiza to party and have been tracking her since her return to the UK.

The star - worth £30million - is keen for a quick end to her marriage and recently boasted: "I just want to have a big divorce party to say I'm single. I want to get it over."

Jordan is set to receive around £500,000 for the series - along with another massive cheque for selling pictures of the party to a magazine.

But Peter, 36, is also making an ITV show - following his comeback as a singer and the fall-out from his marriage.