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Thread: Bhanu is back with a bang

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    Wink Bhanu is back with a bang

    There are few actresses who say ‘no’ to glamour and actress Bhanu happens to be one of them.

    Says the actress, whose film Azhagar Malai has just hit the screens, “I’m waiting for good roles. I know my limitations. I do not want to do glamorous roles.”

    But won’t her decision to say ‘no’ to glamour bring down her chances of heading to Bollywood? Says the actress, “I’m not considering Bollywood at all. I’m happy with what I’m doing here. I don’t want quantity, I’m looking for quality.”

    Commenting on Azhagar Malai, her comeback film after Thamirabharani, she says, “After Thamirabharani, only glamorous roles kept coming my way and I didn’t want to do any. So, I waited and this script came my way. I appreciate the fact that director Rajkumar was intent on me playing this role in Azhagar Malai. He told me that I would not have to do glamour scenes if I wasn’t comfortable.”

    She continues, “Working on Azhagar Malai was a good experience. It’s a homely movie and I play a city girl who comes to her friend’s home in a village. I liked the script as Rajkumar explained the story in detail.”

    So, were there any difficult shots that had to be canned for the movie? Says the actress, “Yes. The climax scene was difficult to shoot. I had to be with the hero RK, who had to perform a risky stunt with fire all around him. It was scary.”

    The movie also stars Vadivelu, who accounts for the humour quotient. Says the actress, “It was a great experience working with Vadivelu. I couldn’t hold back my laughter half the time. He was friendly and pointed our mistakes. He made us do the comedy scenes well.”
    The actress, who has lost a considerable amount of weight and is sporting a new look, laughs when asked about it. “Yes, I’ve lost weight but what I didn’t realise was that nobody would recognise me.”

    The lass gives details of her other projects before signing off. “I’m working on a project called Sivapuram in Malayalam and Lahiri in Kannada. Apart from these, I’m also working in a Malayalam movie that is yet to be titled.”

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    thnks for sharing.....

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    Thankzzzzzzzzz 4 s
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