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Thread: England's all Patel cricket team

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    Default England's all Patel cricket team

    England's all Patel cricket team

    Ever heard this? There is an all Patel cricket team in the heart of England.

    'Patel bowling to Patel, caught by Patel' -- that's what the scoreboard read in a recent match held between two West Yorkshire teams in England.

    Not surprising given that all 15 members of the Dewsbury Young Stars cricket team share a common surname, Patel.

    The batting line up for this team is not a problem. The openers are Patel and Patel, followed by nine other Patels.

    This team which is now competing in the Dewsbury district league, was founded in 1972 but it's the first time that it has an all Patel line up.

    It's manager says it has not been by design."It is a complete coincidence," said Younis Patel, secretary, Dewsbury Young Stars.

    They also feel that numerous Patels can throw a googly at the opposition."Yes sometimes there is confusion for the other team," said Shafique Patel, one of the players of the team.

    So, here is one team that doesn't need team building exercises as there is a strong natural sense of kinship.

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    thats really amazing!

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