hello mam,i have this problem of my stomach which isn't getting solved.........mam for the past 6 mths i have been gyming but instead of muscles to start growing;my stomach has taken an udesired shape i mean i m getting fat;i have nvr taken any supplements nor my diet is bad, means i eat healthy nd desi foods like sprouts for breakfast or say green vege's nd sometimes just for change junk food nd at night i stroll in park for 30 min after having dinner nd for the whole day i have a good walk outside but still my stomach isn't showing any signs of reducing nd i feel bad,real bad abt it. Mam,cld be it the reason of me taking only 3 meals a day(all heavy ones becoz i can't contrl my hunger)???i m confused!!!!!!!!

and 1 more thing,i wld like to ask tht i have heard tht ur height will stop at the age of 18 or say wen the adam's apple has fully came out but some said tht u will gain height at any age if ur body has to gain height..........mam,plz clarify my queries!!!!!!