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Thread: Work Out with Heidi Montag for Just $20

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    Wink Work Out with Heidi Montag for Just $20

    Many believe, and make no secret of it, that Heidi Montag is annoying and has almost no discernible talent that might justify the intense media coverage that she’s getting. Be that as it may, Montag also has one of the best looking bodies in the industries and, as she reveals in the latest issue of Self magazine, it’s not down to the visits she paid to the doctor’s, but also thanks to a special workout that she’s now selling for just $20.

    As some of you might know, Montag is the latest celebrity to be featured in a photospread in Playboy magazine – and it’s here where her obsession with getting in shape came from. Heidi wanted a more rounded backside, and to tone her muscles and overall improve her physical appearance to look stunning in the photos, so she turned to Chad Waterbury, a professional trainer who reportedly works only with athletes and whom she met through her husband, Spencer Pratt.

    “Chad only trains professional athletes. And we met him, and I was like ‘You know what? I need to get in REALLY good shape, you think you’re up to the challenge?’ And he kind of laughed at me and he was like ‘Oh, that’s easy! I can get you into shape in no time.’” Heidi reveals for Self. In six weeks – just as about as anyone interested would need to get in shape with the new downloadable series, the star promises – she got the toned body she always wanted.

    It wasn’t easy, though, and it won’t be either for those buying the workout series and trying it out by themselves at home, the reality show star and aspiring singer warns. Still, if the motivation is there, nothing can be too difficult. “It’s definitely not a weenie workout. It’s not for a girl who just wants to look skinny. I wanted to be strong, I wanted to be fit, I wanted to be in shape. It was so hard and so challenging, but then I started getting more athletic and really building my body. Since then, I’m just more and more inspired every time I see the results!” Heidi tells Self.

    However, the star got the body she has now not only with working out, as we also noted on a previous occasion. Because of this, her series also goes beyond the workout in itself to also include diet tips and advice from both Montag and trainer Chad Waterbury.

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