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    Default family problem

    hello my friends. i know this is the best way to take your views without any relation.
    so my problem is really very little
    my problem is i m married for last six month. now my wife and mother both are not much familiar with each other. we can say that my mother is always try to catch her each and every moment and her wording also. and thinking her negative. but i know nobody has no problem. i always tell my mother please dont think like this kind. cos she never complaint me any thing

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    Hello Mr Soni!!!!

    Although you have not mentioned your problem clearly but I can assume that you want to ask how to make your wife and your mother's relation more compatible.

    I must say that Compatibility problems do come between girls and their mother-in-laws. Because both are from two different generations. You can talk to both of them calmly. And make them understand that no two people are alike on earth and their might be some differences. But as both have them are related to each other because of you, They both have to try to co-operate and do not point out defects in each others. Rather they can have a healthy friendship between them. You can initiate his friendship my dear.

    God Bless!!

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    it is quite normal in asian houses
    ask ur wife to be calmed in beginning
    it'll settle down in a while

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    keep patience and talk to both of them on this matter n tell them how u are feeling low in this matter .tell ur mother frankly about this issue i think she will help u ........
    just keep faith on both of them....

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