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Thread: A wardrobe malfunction on a movie set

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    Default A wardrobe malfunction on a movie set

    Urvashi Sharma

    Had actress Urvashi Sharma not shown the presence of mind she might have been left deeply embarrassed after a wardrobe malfunction on the sets of director Priyadarshan’s next untitled film in Kerala.

    While she was shooting some close-up shots on the sets, the button of her blouse suddenly came off. Urvashi reacted very fast, used her hands to hold the unbuttoned garment close to her bosom and ran straight to her van.

    Thankfully, there weren’t many people around on the set at that time. Even Urvashi’s co-stars Ajay Devgan and Akshaye Khanna weren’t there.

    Urvashi admits that she was shocked when the malfunction happened but is glad she reacted quickly.

    “I realised that my button had broken and so I covered myself with my hands and I ran to my van,” Urvashi tells a tabloid.

    Understanding Urvashi’s situation well, the film’s unit too did not make a big issue out of the malfunction and continued working normally. Even choreographer Pony Verma, who was with Urvashi at the time of malfunction, played down the incident.

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    glad to know but yaar i have to be there.

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