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Thread: How to get rid of my masturbating and its ill effects.

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    Default How to get rid of my masturbating and its ill effects.

    I have been masturbating since a long time & i am unable 2 stop it? What should I do to get rid of it.
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    It does cause any ill effect...
    Even i do it 6 - 8 times a week

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    well msterbation does not have ill effects on u.... and night falls are just as normal as masterbation.....

    but since u want to stop masterbation refer to the link that will be of help

    all the best

    god bless u
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    First of all people usually say that Masturbation does nothing to your health but my friend there are a lot of people saying that masturbation is not good why i dont know but the main thing is that when there are mixed views about something one should go with the people one like i mean its up to you now but since you want to stop that habit i suggest you to join a gym or take part in the physical activities like playing some outdoor sports and least think about Sex,

    and my friend i want to say something here people dont believe what hurts their emotions i mean if i say here that masturbation can make you impotent can reduce your time and can cause big disasters in you marital life than you will not believe me but it happened to a friend of mine so i suggest you to stop masturbation as soon as possible.

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