Shriya Saran

I love to celebrate every festival. For me Diwali has always been very special. We begin the day with a traditional puja and have a lot of guests dropping in. It’s also a good time to catch up with family and friends. I decorate my home with diyas and light colourful sparklers. But no bombs for me. I mostly wear traditional outfits. I wish Andhraites a happy Diwali.

Nag Chaitanya

I will not celebrate Diwali this year as I will be busy shooting at an overseas location. As a child I used to enjoy bursting crackers a lot, but later on I got over that craze. Another reason for cutting down on crackers was to avoid pollution. Diwali is an auspicious day for me and I wish everyone a happy and prosperous year ahead.


No Diwali celebrations for me this year, because of the floods in Andhra. I wouldn’t feel good to have fun when thousands are homeless. I’ve spent other Diwalis with crackers, sweets and all the works. I also like the fact that this is a day when families come together and spend time with each other. I’d like to request all Andhraites to please donate a portion of their Diwali spend for flood relief.

Mamta Mohandass

Diwali has always been about crackers and sweets. But we should go easy on both. Unlike other years, I’ll be busy shooting on Goa beaches during Diwali. So probably this year, I’ll relish some yummy sea food and have candle-light dinners — both easy to handle.

Ram Charan Tej

I am so devastated by the loss of people and property in the recent floods, that I don’t want to celebrate Diwali this year. But I wish everyone a happy and prosperous Diwali. As a child I used to be fascinated with crackers, but over a period of time I have lost interest in them, and never burst them as they cause sound pollution. Festivals are a great reason for family to get together and have some good food.


This Diwali, I will be in New York shooting for my Tamil film. I’ve missed lots of Diwali celebrations because of my professional commitments. If I had been home, I’d light up the house with diyas, eat lots of sweets and visit friends and relatives. As a child I’d promised myself not to burst crackers, because crackers are made by child labourers. They also cause sound pollution and terrify animals on the streets.


We don’t usually celebrate this festival, but I have burst colour pots and rockets as a child. When we lived in Mumbai, Diwali was fun.In Goa, it’s hardly celebrated. This year I’m going to burst some crackers, spend time with family and friends and eat some sweets.

VVS Laxman

I will spend time with family and friends. This is the first time in years that I am home for Diwali. It will be a special occasion as my three-year-old son will burst crackers for the first time this year.

Saina Nehwal

I’m flying to Denmark for a tournament on Diwali. So this year there will be no celebrations at home for me. As a child I used to love bursting crackers. I also remember the small puja we’d do at home every year and the traditional sweets which were made during this time.

Koneru Humpy

There’s nothing special lined up for me this Diwali. I am busy preparing for an upcoming tournament. It’s been years since I celebrated the festival. When I am in India during Diwali, I eat my favourite rasgulla and payasam.

Mitali Raj

Well I have nothing planned in particular, because I’m not into bursting crackers. And with my tournaments happening in the city, this will be a quiet Diwali for me. I will spend time with family and friends.