#10 - Montel Williams

He's all the way down at the bottom of the list because his daytime talk
show is no longer on the air and he doesn't have much influence anymore,
but when he did, he was best known for promoting psychics as the best
way to solve almost any crisis. You can quarrel with psychic predators like
Sylvia Browne, but her career was created by Montel Williams. Montel's
worst offense was to use psychics to provide made-up information to the
parents of missing children, which he did on many occasions, not just the
one or two high profile cases that made headlines. Without exception, this
information has always been either uselessly general or flat-out wrong. All
the while, Montel Williams unapologetically promoted psychic powers to his
millions of viewers. Read Dr. Hal Bidlack's Open Letter to Lt. Commander
Montel Williams from one military officer to another, in which he asks
"Have you lost your honor?"