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Thread: Guru Nanak Dev Ji Quotes

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    Default Guru Nanak Dev Ji Quotes

    God is one, but he has innumerable forms. He is the creator of all and He himself takes the human form.

    Even Kings and emperors with heaps of wealth and vast dominion cannot compare with an ant filled with the love of God.

    Far from wife and son am 1, far from land and wealth and other notions of that kind. I am the Witness, the Eternal, the Inner Self.

    From its brilliancy everything is illuminated.

    God is one, but he has innumerable forms. He is the creator of all and He himself takes the human form.

    I am neither a child, a young man, nor an ancient; nor am I of any caste.

    I am neither male nor female, nor am I sexless. I am the Peaceful One, whose form is self-effulgent, powerful radiance.

    I am not the born; how can there be either birth or death for me?

    Let no man in the world live in delusion. Without a Guru none can cross over to the other shore.

    O God, my mind is fascinated with Thy lotus feet as the bumble-bee with the flower; night and day I thirst for them.

    One cannot comprehend Him through reason, even if one reasoned for ages.

    Owing to ignorance of the rope the rope appears to be a snake; owing to ignorance of the Self the transient state arises of the individualized, limited, phenomenal aspect of the Self.

    Thou has a thousand eyes and yet not one eye; Thou host a thousand forms and yet not one form.

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    “Live out of your Imagination, not your History"

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    Smile gud

    really nice thread keep it up

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    Beautiful scriptures - so much is said in such minute wordings...i think that they stand just for the plurality and sentiments of all religions .
    All can all relate to these teachings, it's the main reason why i enjoyed the read .

    Thanks .

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    ++++ thx ...........

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    very nice thread

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