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Thread: Losing My Will......!

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    Default Losing My Will......!

    It is a terrible thing for a person to lose the will to live.

    It is an extremely terrible thing for an artist to lose the will to create...
    or a dancer to lose the will to dance...
    or a singer to lose the will to sing...

    I call these people depressed.

    But it is the worst of all, when a child loses the will to dream.

    I call these people adults.
    No matter how hard we try,
    We will inevitably be forced by social conditioning to turn into adults.
    That is a sad thing.
    But lucky for the world, there are still children,
    And with children come dreams, and hope.

    And that is why I do not want to grow up ever.

    I used to believe that if I stayed in bed,
    I would stay in yesterday,
    I would never grow up..Just like Peter Pan.
    Just like tom n jerry...

    It didn't work.

    People want to judge me when they truly do not see
    All I am, all I want, all I need to be complete
    They see I’m not a girl seeker..
    a man, a momentarily cool one
    I do not dare to understand
    Why they see me, nor on my judgment..?

    maybe I don't know how to talk
    cause I spent most of my life in silence
    maybe I'm afraid to make a move
    cause I fear that it will just cause you...hate me
    may be i dont know how to act with kindness
    cause i dont have any...
    why be better when you can be Equal...??
    n if others think the same
    wat has rest of humanity missed...!

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    hmmmmm, Dj i studied it bt its quite long but informative


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