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Thread: how to put on weight

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    Question how to put on weight

    hi preeto m'am.

    I read the treads on this daily, And i like the advices given by all the users and its very useful too.
    My problem is I am 24 yrs old gal. My weight is only 45 for last 4-5 yrs. The changes in the weight is max 1kg up or down. in last 4 mnths i have lost 3 kg. My height is 5'5. So consideringin all ths m a bit underweight. There is no problem in my health but according to my family doc, the reason can b the hereditary.

    I want to put on 5-7 kg. M plannin to join gym but hav a doubt tht if i'll once start putin on, it will b diffclt to maintain or stop tht, is it posbl? I saw few sites abt ths and thy suggstd som food n mostly non veg. M pure veg so tht's not possbl for me. Please guide me somthn.

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    Weight increase when excess food get deposited as fat!! Any food with starch content will add to your fat deposit!! If you can keep excercises together, u can safely increase weight.
    You will need atleast 6 kilos more to be normal weight!!
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    strt havin paneer alot...nd stuff lik chocolates nd sweets....nythng tht has a lot of carbohydrate content will help u 2 gain weight...evn try havin nuts(lik peanuts nd othr dry fruits)....u can join th gym bt under proper guidance.......

    u really dnt need 2 strt havin non-veg just 2 gain might b possible tht itz hereditry bt u shld hav complete diet nd hav three proper meals evryday.....

    tak care

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    To keep it very simple ..Just increase the intake calories than what u can actually burn...Normally a adult female requires 1500- 1800 cal/day. So u can begin by taking a high calorie diet which is nutritious and should do some moderate exercise daily.

    Good Luck .`)

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