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Thread: Jordan humiliated on US TV show

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    Cool Jordan humiliated on US TV show

    The glamour girl, real name Katie Price, unwittingly became the butt of host Chelsea Handler's jokes when she appeared on talk show Chelsea Lately.

    She was interviewed on the show during her stay in LA, where she has jetted off to before returning to the jungle for I'm A Celeb.

    Nervous Katie, 31, was unable to explain exactly what she did as a job and was left gobsmacked when Handler told her she "didn't give a s***" about her life".

    The mum-of-three seemed eager to emphasise just how "mad" she was when talking about her countless cosmetic surgery procedures, after getting a spot of Botox in the States earlier this week.

    Katie told Handler: "I always fly over here to get my Botox done, I'm mad, I love it. Come to LA and everyone has had it done.

    "I always get my hair extensions done here as well. I fly over every three months to get my hair done and Botox. I'm mad aren't I?

    "Not that I'm high-maintenance or anything."

    Handler joked: "Well, you're really helping our economy - we could use it."

    And talking about being open about getting Botox, she insulted Katie, saying: "Anyone who looks at you will know that your forehead will never move. It's better for you to say in advance."

    Later, when the presenter asked why the model uses two names, she replied: "I use the name Katie Price and Jordan - don't ask me why."

    A bemused-looking Handler shot back: "It's your business what you want to do. You can go live with your horses and your kids and get Botox - I don't give a s***."

    She then asked Katie: "You're a big star in England, like a Kim Kardashian, right? Why don't you explain to people what you do?"

    Katie replied: "God, well, how long have you got?", to which a deadpan Handler replied: "Six minutes."

    The model said: "I started off as a model, I've got perfume out, bedlinen, 33 books. I've got underwear, swim wear, you name it I do it."

    Jordan then spoke about her cross-dressing boyfriend Alex Reid's career as a cage fighter.

    She said: "I don't know if it's big here. He does cage fighting, UFC, do you have it over here?"

    Handler replied, "Maybe", before asking: "So is he a celebrity too then?"

    Katie said: "He might be now he's pictured with me everywhere."

    Handler interrupted with: "Well, you're obviously going to take him straight to the middle" - provoking gasps and laughter from the audience.

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    good to her

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