DEMI MOORE has hit back furiously at accusations her latest mag cover shot has been airbrushed - and she's posted the original image to prove her point.

Eagle-eyed critics are adamant computer bods have shaved off a portion of her left thigh and hip in the image fronting the December issue of W.

At close inspection, it appears the contour of her body inexplicably changes direction under the loose-fitting sash wrapped around the top of her leg.

Despite bloggers b*****ng it "the worst photoshop job ever", Demi has blasted the claims and insists her slim hips are 100 per cent natural.

She's so hell bent on setting the record straight, she has posted a link to the original pic which shows the curve of her flesh to be no different from the supposedly manipulated image.

In a series of Twitter posts, Demi wrote: "Here is the original image people my hips were not touched don't let these people bulls*** you!

"You know what is obscene you judging what is my actual shape.

"Agreed I am in the skinny side lately. I have no hips.

"I love the pic and can only say I wish I had good lighting like that following me around all day."

Still, her protests have done little to silence the cynics.

Celebrity blogger PEREZ HILTON responded: "Your hip may not have been retouched, but the rest of you was definetely enhanced with Photoshop! Don't front.

"It's more than just good 'lighting' sweetie."

LA fashion photographer Anthony Citrano also waded into the debate, saying: "It's simply bad art.

"When I look at it I can't appreciate it because I feel like there's a piece of dirt stuck in my eyeball."