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Thread: 5 steps to loving your life

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    as one understands one more life becomes happier.. it helps understand others also

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    Quote Originally Posted by Preeto Maam View Post

    Connect with loved ones

    Unwind and share a few laughs with your family or friends at least once or twice each month. The openness and trust you share with the important people in your life can help give you the perspective you need to cope with everyday challenges. These regular connections will also have a positive impact on your health, especially when you share a good laugh. Laughing lowers blood pressure, reduces stress hormones, and releases endorphins that can ease pain.

    Also, don't neglect relationships at work. Colleagues and coworkers can provide valuable support and keep your blood pressure under control during stressful situations. .

    That would be soemthing which make everybody happy.... i love to spend time with my family! Afterall they knows us most

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