Formula One is riddled with politics: Raikkonen

Former Ferrari driver and Formula One ace Kimi Raikkonen has blasted the drivers' championship as boring and riddled with politics.

Finland's former F1 champ said that winning the World Rally Championship would mean more than lifting the Grand Prix crown again.

Raikkonen has switched to rallying after failing to secure a drive in F1.

"In F1 too many things overshadow the racing. There is too much politics. No one says what he thinks because he is afraid that things are taken out of context," The Sun quoted him, as saying.

"The atmosphere in rallying is much nicer. It's more about the performance of drivers. In rallying every curve, every hill may be different than you thought. That makes it interesting," Raikkonen said.

"Winning a world rally crown would mean more than my F1 World Championship. I've got to learn everything from scratch but I want the challenge," he added.