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Thread: Bf confession about sex

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    Try to find out his intention in future and u r wish as well. Don't involve in any kind of se*ual relation now....
    "Don't wait for the Perfect moment.. take the Moment and make it Perfect."

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    Default fuad2100

    Quote Originally Posted by fuad2100 View Post
    One thing is very clear from your post is that you really like and respect this sort of experience. So you must not have any problem if your partner had a sexual experience before, and you would love to know if she had such experience since it makes her wonderful and perfect, rightJ. Then you also should not have any problem if your partner continues having sex with others after having you as her partner. Why not? After all she is her own person and she doesn’t belong to you at all like as you proposed earlier, therefore, she should do whatever she likes with others like oral sex, anal sex or even direct sex and what notJ. If your friend wants to have sex with your partner then of course you should respect him as he is giving your partner a fully loaded experience of sex for which you respect sooooo much! J Anyway, your life, your partner so what else we can do instead? But sad to inform you that people like us don’t like to think about life in that manner. Apart from that, you mentioned in the beginning that the asker has no need to be jealous or feeling insecure about her partners past. I am speechless hereJ where did the point of jealousy or feeling in secured come from? Anyway, I hope you would think my points deeply rather than taking all of them personally. They are just examples to give you a clear idea about what you wanted to mean here. God bless!

    You are constantly overstepping the line of politeness and offending other users. You are making negative and highly offensive remarks against them and their partners, of whom you know nothing. I cannot allow my valued users to be so insulted by a person who does not think before he/she writes.
    I am hereby infracting you. I cannot and will not allow any such abusive and offensive posts about any user in my section. This thread is also hereby closed!
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