Getting her body back: Claudine Keane's enviable figure (left) as it is now and showing off the smallest hint of a baby bump when she was six months pregnant

For most women, wearing a bikini two months after giving birth would be almost unthinkable.

But when Claudine Keane, wife of Ireland and Celtic football star Robbie, was snapped on a Portuguese beach in a white two-piece just 10 weeks after having baby son Robert, mothers everywhere turned green with envy.

The model and TV presenter put on 2st while pregnant - but insists she neither crash dieted nor hit the gym the moment she left the labour ward last May.

Speaking to this week's Closer magazine, she said: 'I was so overwhelmed with being a mum I didn’t have time to think about my figure.

'I certainly didn’t crash diet - it’s so dangerous to starve yourself at a time when you need all your energy and strength to look after your baby, breastfeed and recover from giving birth.'

She adds: 'My friends warned me not to get on the scales after the birth, as you are still filled with fluid for a long time afterwards and it’s not your real weight, so it’s not fair to put yourself through that. Like any woman, I’m self-critical.'

Despite her long peroxide hair extensions, fake tan and huge diamonds, Claudine is not a typical WAG.

She has a first-class degree in Finance and Economics and now has a burgeoning TV career in Ireland.

She is also surprisingly level-headed and, at 5ft 6in and a size 8, confesses she knows that she is 'one of the lucky ones'.