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Thread: Is she still involved?

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    Unhappy Is she still involved?

    My problem is bit strange, I love a girl from my office when i told her she said that she loves some other guy from our office later he got to know that. Even he told her that he to love her. During this period she used to roam with me on my bike and used to hug me, many times at her place we did foreph while doing that she used to tell me that she loves that guy.
    Later he got engaged and she told me that she has started loving me, many times we had sex also, still that guy sends her messages that he loves her a lot. She tells me that she cant tell him that she has started loving me cos she dsnt want to hurt him. Her parents arranged her engagement with thier relative she told evrythng abt me to her parents when they did not agree she cut her nerves and came back from home. I know she loves me a lot, now that guy has got married and even we both are planning to get married still she talks with that guy it disturbs me a lot, she dsnt like me talking anythng abt him. Whenvr i ask her someting she says m not going to run away with him..wat should i do?? can i marry this girl, can she forget him?? I am distrubd??

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    Well, see, he is married, so I don't see much danger in their having a conversation sometimes, just as long as she is not hiding anything from you. She has proved that she loves you, has stood up for you against her parents and seems to be an honest sort of a person.

    It would be better if you ask her this question, and judge by what she says. You could ask her the exact nature of her relationship, and if she is emotionally involved with you, and just friends with him, its OK.
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    lambee kahanee hay

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    tell that girl that u have to choose just 1 from 2 , that guy is already married and tell her clearly that u dont like her talking with this guy , tell her to select one , tell her u feel insecure , u feel bad when she talks with this guy , tell her if she wants to marry u then she has to forget this guy , keep an eye on her , anyways ,tc , byeeeeee

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