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Thread: Afraid of cancer due to panmasala

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    Default Afraid of cancer due to panmasala


    i am a 25 yrs old guy. i have been oftenly taking panmasala ( not daily)from last 6-7 yrs.
    I used to swallow it whole instead of just spitting it out. Although i never felt any problem, but now i hv abstained it. But i am afraid that my past habbit could have initiated the process of cancer. Is there any way to know it??...or i am afraid just for no proper reason?

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    Well, its true that use of pan masala on a regular basis does cause mouth cancer, but you say that you are not having it now and were not having it everyday earlier also. Meaning you weren't addicted to it, were you?

    However, if you are fearing that it may have had negative effects on you, you can go to a doctor, get him to prescribe the relevant teats and get the doubt out of your mind as soon as possible.

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    Paan masala contains carcinogens, thats true!! But dont make ur life miserable with fear. Go to a doctor and let him examine u!!
    ITs easy to identify
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    Here are six common oral cancer symptoms.. check if u have any of these go to a doctor

    1. White and Red Patches in the Mouth or Lips:
    2. A Sore or Blister in Your Mouth :
    3. Difficulty Swallowing:
    4. Earaches:
    5. Change in the Way Teeth Fit Together:
    6. Bleeding from the Mouth:

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    Using this masala for 6-7 years puts you into high risk group. I would advice you to get diagnosed as soon as possible, though too much worrying is unnecessary. You will have to check for colon problems also as you were eating it instead of spitting, doing check up on mouth alone will not be enough.

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    Its good that you are not taking paan masala anymore. If you are worried about the cancer, there are few tests which you can take in order to put your mind at rest.

    Home Diagnostic Testing

    These home medical tests may be relevant to Cancer:

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