The Beginning:

Both Of You will get ready by 9.30 pm to 10.00pm. The bride will have her own make up wearing traditional saree, ornaments, mehendi.The Bride might have a chance to go to a beauty parlour to get her ready.

Usually, the elder women help her prepare for the shobhanam by advising her what can possibly happen and how she should react. The bride on the other hand is clad in Kurta - Paizam.

Both the Bride and Bride groom are allowed to go inside the Shobhanam room, a traditional bed having lots of different flowers is prepared. The room is scented. Usually the flowered be will have dunlop kind of matress with pillows.

A traditional "aarati" is made to bless the bride and bride groom in their sex life. Once the "aarati" is over the elders start leaving the room. The room is securely locked, and there will be only YOU.

How To Proceed:

Proceed very slowly. It is good chance for the bride to tell her husband what stage of her MC is, is she expecting her period or is it just over.

Shobhanam Should be full of foreplay, you both should be ready to spare a minimum of 5 hours for understanding each other and talking about sex. It is not worth sleeping that night. You have lot of nights to p. It is the night you have to enjoy.