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    hi mam.m in 12 std.i want to give upsc wid mbbs degree passout.i want to know what upto what age we can attempt upsc for obc category and how many times we can give.m currently 19 years...also i want to ask u dat after 12 what steps should i take in to give a successful push to my career.i want to be successful in upsc dat's only ma only aim n i want ot achieve it..

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    All the detail u need was explained a week ago... Please see this to get it

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    In addition to the links for the details above -

    As professionals we all seek success in our careers, but what is your definition of success in your career? Is it getting a large salary? Being happy and content with your job? Being a great asset to the company you work for? Being financially independent? Making a difference? This definition will be different from one person to the next. What you will need to do is make and outline of what you believe are necessary for you to possess in order to achieve career success

    A strong desire to succeed
    There is no doubt that if you have a passion for what you do your desire to succeed will increase and so will your attitude to your work

    Be Knowledgeable about what you do Strive to be an expert in your field. Gain the necessary knowledge, skills and training to help you in all aspects of your job. Without the required degree and or experience, your chances can be limited.

    Take internship seriously
    Obtaining an internship position can be a foot in the door to a long-term career with that company. Even if you don’t get a permanent position, then at least you can add your work experience to your resume for future jobs

    Planning is key! Plan for the worst, and all possible outcomes so that you are better prepared for the many uncertainties and difficulties that lie ahead. To have a successful career, you will have to make plans, so take the time out to plan your career goals and the steps you will take to reach those goals. Planning can play a very important role in your career success.

    Examine your likes and dislikes
    Take the time to reflect on the things you like in a career, the things you are most passionate about and the things you don’t like. Determine what you are willing to sacrifice and what you just can’t give up, and then seek careers based on your results and what will bring you the most success and happiness.

    This can be your instructor or someone older, who will more likely have the knowledge and experience to steer you in the right direction and can help you make better decisions. Getting the help from a mentor can be of great benefit if used wisely.

    A bit of Luck
    Sometimes it is really not what you know or the degree you hold, but it’s who you know. Knowing the right people or being in the right place at the right time can make a world of difference. So, there’s nothing wrong with knowing the right people or being lucky.

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    You can try from 21 years to until when u are 33 years old!!
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