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Thread: Best Friend acting strange after sex

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    Preeto Mam, i am in some trouble. 2 weeks back me and my best friend (a muslim girl) were hanging out together after college at my place (for group study)...we were watching some movie for time pass. I don't know what came over me and I kissed her and that kiss ended up in a full night sex. The next morning saying that she will call me later and we'll do it again.
    The problem is she never called back, I see her in college and she dont talk to me, i called her numerous times but she dont respond. I know it sounds like I call her for more sex but that is not completely true...i want to tell her I love her!! help me

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    Hmmm, ya, that does happen sometimes when the relationship changes so suddenly. She probably did not cater for this at all and now is very uncomfortable with herself and the situation. All i can say, is give it some time and don't overload her with emotions. Certainly, dont expect a repeat very soon.

    The best would be if you could ask her for coffee or a cold drink and behave in a perfectly natural way, putting her at ease again. of course, this should be at a public place, not at your home.

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    she must be embarrassed abt msg her that its ok..lets 4get what happened and start fresh..

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