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Thread: Hubby’s neglect driving me towards another guy

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    Thanks all for replying me ...

    I tried as per ur suggesstion ...and last night i got one more shocking statement from my husband ...

    When i asked ..will you miss our daighter..if we go away from you....

    he said..."may be not"....

    he want peace too...but without us...can a father say this for her daughter i cannot believe that

    He talks badly and i am now short with patience too... but i still try to keep quite... but thats cause zero conversation between us....

    Whenever i ask.. do you love me ...he says "no".

    He says...i dont forget the things and keep remembring those thats wht causing prob...
    Thn i replied ...i dont remember anything but you keep doing such things again n again..thats wht making things worst....

    He ia earning enough to survive happily but his wish to gain fame n money is spoiling our family.... i want happy n loving family thn money and fame...

    but he says there is no happy n loving family so i am not loosing anything but gaining soemthing from work atleast....

    Tell me where can we get the solution...

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    If you believe that all that could have been done is already done and there is no way to salvage your marriage then there is no point in living with a man who has no love and regard for your feelings and all that you get from him is ignorance and heartache.There is no point of dragging it to a point of suffocation which can be harmful to you and your daughter.On the other hand divorce in our society is a big thing and not an understatement.Ponder over this - whether you can support the two of you and bring up your child without his father.Single parenting is an uphill task and are you up for a challenge in lieu of your freedom and ready to restart your life.

    The easy way to negotiate this situation would be to prepare yourself to tolerate everything and adjust to your husband's rude ways without complaints for the rest of your life.This sounds scary but if everything fails or has failed already you are left with little choices.Your hubby coming to know about your friendship with a man 20 years older to you will only spell doom so better be careful and watch out for those rumor spreaders.You can cut off the emotional attachment a bit although there is no harm in being friends as long as you don't do anything silly.As already suggested do find ways to engage yourself and become self dependent.Be strong and you will do better.

    Good Luck

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    Best is to let husband know. Else he will not know there are probems in ur marriage.

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