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Thread: Want to propose to divorced ex

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    I had a friend some two years back and the day when I proposed her I came to know that she was in love with someone. After that day I stopped seeing her and avoided all the ways to contact with her. Later on I came to know that she was married (not with the guy whom she loved) and now she has one kid also. I am still unmarried and never involved in any relationship since the day we broke up.

    Recently I came to know that she has got divorce from her husband.She talked to me but did not tell that matter now I am ready to accept her but do not want to show that I have pity on her. I want to express my feelings and wants to propose for marriage.

    For all the years I always believed in one thing that if your love wants to go let it go if she comes back then its yours.Now I feel that my love is back so how to propose her now?

    Please help.
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    Hi there,

    See, its good that you waited for your love and now she is free again but there is just one thing that I want to bring to your mind and that is that those who are recovering from a bad marriage are not necessarily ready to get into another relationship again, very soon. Of course, you can be friends with her and support her but be patient until the time you get the signals that she is ready for another relationship.
    I say this specially since you have mentioned that she has not given you any signs that she wants a relationship as yet.

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    buddy 1st of all i m very impressed tht in today`s world guys like u r available bt regarding ur problm as per ma pt. of view i dnt think tht thrs any1 in ths world who hated being loved so 1st be her frnd nd support her in every condition nd show her tht u r ready to take her responsibility after sme time she ll realise ur love nd ll be all urs
    best of luck dude

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    as she is freshly divorced dont disturbe her with ur proposal , u wouldn't know if she would be ready for it , just be good friends with her , understand her , her needs and when you feel yes now its the right time she is searching for some 1 , she needs some 1 in life that time you can propose her for marriage but now just be good friends with her , stay in touch with her , anyways , tc, God bless u , byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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