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Thread: "Indians defend ur country" says BIG BOSS of Sony Entertainment

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    Default "Indians defend ur country" says BIG BOSS of Sony Entertainment

    a madman in a forum {}
    said the following:
    "i just dont understand y the indians pretend to b smart even though they are WORLD'S BIGGEST FOOOLS... first of all the made a mistake in choosing chappel to be their coach who helped them eliminate GANGULY DADA from the team..... thnks 2 the media that he's bak again... but the foools do not forget acting upon their foolishness so they again evicted aryan from the house instead of that ***** who was ................................ i hope the fooools understood wat i meant........... now just like the situation of gangu dada, i am hopeful that aryan wll be bak n the foools wont make the same mistake ,.... BUT there is always a "but" and that but is that fooools never learn from their mistakes, so who knows wats gonna happen"

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    Default abhay kaun hai yai

    Mainon tay kuj samjh nai aa rai yaar.kisi nay pagal karnay kay liye likha hai ya woh khud pagal hai


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