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Thread: She's just too short!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sweettoxic View Post prob is regarding my gf..she is 22yrs & the prob is dat her height is quite short as compared to 6.1 & she is 4'4 or 4'6... i lov her alot & wanted to get married aswwell but my family wont approve her im dead she s 22 so medicines might not effect her height altough she is usin sum medi duuno da name.. teme wat to do
    i didn't know true love had conditions

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meganfox View Post
    What a loser's advice / explaination....WOW

    You live for yourself or you live for others. You mean to say, you will love a person only based on their physical abilities....

    Yeah right.....

    what a loser folks...
    frnd......what if it had been your problem...I would loved to knew your thought... .... No nothing personal...but just try to get into that fella shoes... what you would've done....?? the guy is into some problem and he needs some serious advise....... I'd suggested mine view....ya better be concern with yours....why mingling with my piece of advise....I know...I'd sound harsh to both you as well as this fella..... but than this is what I think he should the end is up to him....finally....
    .......after all the situation he is in .... is already a serious problem...saying 'NO' to love is not a all.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by it matters to me View Post
    Read some medical journals before making your lack of knowledge so apparent in public.. Not only your height but brain also stopped growing.
    You are such an idiot! You dint had to work hard to prove it! Ok I will make it easy for you in steps as I can tell you are slow (in other words retard)

    1) Go to this link.

    2) Look at the graph. DO YOU SEE 22 THERE?

    3) Do not claim this is false as this is a government source!

    Speaking of doctors and medical - I have more doctors in my family than you can count!
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    c'mon even tall girls marry short guys...

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