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Thread: My Egypt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ek tha kitten. View Post
    Next year we will revolt against another president?

    30th of June another proud memory or a step that we will curse for the rest of our lives?

    Overthrow or people's revolution?

    Democracy once again, fake or real or we will be stuck with military country for the rest of our lives?!

    *Millions of questions had been eating my mind since 30th of June, Muslim brothers party were giving priority to their followers and supports, not very far we were hailing in the streets "down with army govern" and "To hell with police officers".

    Revolution against legitimacy but how and they said there had been forgery in the elections back then?

    We will back to Abd El Nassir era where he used to horrify Muslims brotherhood and fill jails with them or a step towards equal life for all to take part in the political life in Egypt?

    El Seissy and the leaders who gathered with him said that we wouldn't dare to take this step unless for stopping the bleeding of the Egyptians souls, sincere it was or just a coverage?

    Now all Muslim brotherhood channels and leaders are being sent to jail, the very same place where Mubarak and his rot party in Turah.

    They are guilty or tyrannized?

    Are we given another chance, will we chose well this time?

    But, Muslim brothers didn't do anything good in this year, should i feel hopeful that they had gone?

    God's mercy............
    situation is not good there
    My love, the spark that ignited the day we met
    remains an eternal flame.

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    Quote Originally Posted by arumita View Post
    situation is not good there

    Inshallah, things will settle.


    Christians in the mind of Muslim brotherhoods.

    When they voted for Shafeeq they were 50% of the Egyptians
    when they go to Al athadia palace they are 70% of the Egyptians
    when they want to build churches they are only 5% percent of the Egyptians "minority"
    when its the time for elections, Christians+Muslims=Egyptians!

    Hypocrisy at its best!

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