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Thread: Adrianne Curry 'molested' at Star Wars convention

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    Default Adrianne Curry 'molested' at Star Wars convention

    Adrianne Curry 'molested' at Star Wars convention

    Former America's Next Top Model winner Adrianne Curry claims she was molested by a 'drunk pervert' while she was attending a Star Wars convention in Florida.

    The 28-year-old model is a huge Star Wars fan and was at the convention in Orlando on Saturday night dressed in an extremely skimpy Princess Leia bikini outfit, as worn by Carrie Fisher in Return Of The Jedi.

    Curry claims an unknown man reached up her skirt and groped her outside the convention.

    She reported the incident to police early on Sunday morning.

    The police report says Adrianne 'came in contact with the male as he lay in the bushes at the entrance to the hotel,' according to celebrity website TMZ.

    He was also alleged to have attempted to start fights with other people waiting outside the convention.

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    The man was later arrested for disorderly intoxication.

    Curry did not hold back describing the incident.

    She posted ongoing accounts of the incident on her Twitter page, stating: 'waiting4an hour &a half 4 cops 2 show up at orlando4 a drunk man who reached up my skirt&molested me..then tried2drive drunk away...

    'Cops are here.. molesting pervert drunk in the back of their car... going to bed! what the hell!

    'I cannot believe last night happened.... love starwars... but ready to leave.

    'The man was trying to attack me, over and over, and tried to shove his fingers in my *****...'

    Nonetheless, Curry said she does not plan to press charges against the man.

    Curry wore the same outfit at the recent Comic-con convention in San Diego at the end of July without incident.

    Curry, who won the first ever season of Tyra Banks' model search in 2003, is married to Brady Bunch actor Christopher Knight, 52, who starred in the original TV series.

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    I am tempting to touch her but not molesting..

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