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Thread: Understanding lord krishna

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    Default Understanding lord krishna


    Krishna is so unique. He is not at all serious or sad, not in tears. By and large, the chief characteristic of a religious person has been that he is somber, serious and sad looking – like one vanquished in the battle of life, like a renegade from life. In the long line of such sages it is Krishna alone who comes dancing, singing and laughing.

    Every religion, upto now, has divided life into two parts, and while they accept one part they deny the other. Krishna alone accepts the whole of life. And he accepts it not in any selected dimension but in all its dimensions. About him it is said he was born laughing. Only a joyful and laughing humanity can accept Krishna.

    Krishna is against repression. He alone does not choose he accepts life unconditionally. He does not shun love; being a man he does not run away from women. As one who has known and experienced God, he alone does not turn his face from war. He is full of love and compassion, and yet he has the courage to accepts and fight a war. His heart is utterly non-violent, yet he plunges into the fire and fury of violence when it becomes unavoidable. He accepts the nectar, and yet he is not afraid of the poison.

    We describe the life of Krishna as his leela, his play-acting, because Krishna is not serious at all. Krishna’s life accepts no limitations. Krishna is free, limitlessly free. And this freedom, this vastness of Krishna stems from his experience of self-knowledge. It is the ultimate fruit of his enlightenment.

    There is no such point in the cosmos where nature ends and God begins. It is nature itself that, through a subtle process of dissolution, turns into God, and it is God Himself Who, through a subtle process of manifestation, turns into nature. Nature is manifest God, and God is unmanifest nature. And that is what adwait means, what the principle of One without the other means. We can understand Krishna only if we clearly understand this concept of adwait, that only One is – One without the other.

    Excerpt from “Krishna: The Man and His Philosophy” by Osho

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    Informative... Thanx for sharing

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