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Thread: Not able to forget ex-gf

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    Default Not able to forget ex-gf

    dear Mam

    I had been in deep relation with my ex-gf for the last 1 year,when i proposed to her she tld me that she had a bf earlier but they broke up and i also told her that i had a gf before her,after 1 year i told her that when i was in the 10th standard i proposed one of my classmate and she agreed,i also kissed her once but just after 15 days she left me because of another boy,after hearing this my ex-gf left me saying that she couldn't adjust with me.

    Now it has been 1 year since we broke up and i am engaged with another girl but i still can't forget my ex-gf and still love her a lot like before,from the last i year i have pleaded her like hell to come back to me but she neither answers nor smsses me.i also came to know that she is chatting with some of my friends which she doesn't know to be my friend and some of them sends adult messages to her,but i know that she is a very good girl and she was not like that.

    what should i do please suggest me as because i can't stop loving her,i am in great mental trauma and these things are affecting my job and my life too.

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    Well, Im a little surprised at a girl who, in today's day and age, cannot tolerate the confession of a schooltime kiss and even breaks up because of that.

    As for you, if you are wih someone else, you should be committed to her. You are doing yourself and her a big injustice if you are hankering after a lost love while being with her. Its time to move on, basically. You are out of that girl's life and if you carry on this way, you'll be out of this girl's life too. You don't want that, do you?

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