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Thread: Sports V Education?

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    Default Sports V Education?

    A large number of youngsters are taking up sports related activities, but a larger number are dropping these activities on reaching high school.
    As a result of heavy expectations from parents and teachers alike, sports takes a back seat to examinations and tuitions and talented individuals end up quitting.

    Studies have shown that Indian students are burdened with levels of stress that quite often they are too young to handle. Sports serves as the best release.
    So how do we draw a balance between Studies and Sports ? How do we ensure that we don't lose kids with potential to the Indian Education System?
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    This is good topic to discuss here. Firs of all I am thank full to you that you share with us.

    Education and sport both are closely related to each other. For a good student both activities are necessary. Some time good student failed because they are not good physically. For good player need to become good student.

    I will come later here. Interesting topic

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