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Thread: PRAISE MY Girlfriend on her looks

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    Default PRAISE MY Girlfriend on her looks

    I have been in a relationship with a girl for past 6 months and my girlfriend is behaving different this days she only wants me to pamper her all the time,i shld praise for her beauty all the time.she also gets very happy if do all this her and make her feel special

    please tell me how should i praise her that she should feel special and feel that i love her lot i want her to know that i love her more than anybody in the earth.

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    If it makes her happy, why not? Sure, go ahead and praise her looks. What have you got to lose?

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    Actually, What do you want? You want to make her feel that you are the best lover or you want that she also love you, more than you?

    If you will keep on praising her then believe me, soon she will leave you. I know you and many others will disagree but it's harsh reality.

    Every woman/girl in this world wants to be with a masculine man. A man who is passionate about his life and have goals. You need to show her that you are achiever, not talker. Achieve things. Do not focus only on her. Here, I am giving you few tips that will help you out.


    1. Have confident body language.
    2. Make her Laugh
    3. Be passionate and goal oriented and let her feel about your passions in life.
    4. Don't stay on her head, let her miss you.
    5. Be mysterious.
    6. Adopt manly successful personality traits.
    7. Never Compromise on your values.

    As I told many times before, there are many other things which bring respect for you. For example, attache case add respect and increase your values. Also, A man with hard cash is always attractive than a man with credit card.

    Now, here are some advance level tips, but you need to dominate basic things first.


    1. If you feel that your girl is dominant and dominate your emotions then it is the time to break her dominance. You can do this with many things. For example, tell her to wear bright colors dresses. Bright colors on a girl make her feel feminine and naughty. It is one of the best way to break her authority and make her feel feminine.

    2. Let her proud of her sexuality and beauty. I seen many guys who restrict their girlfriends/wives. But, they never understand that if they let her shin then she will do everything in her power to stay loyal with you.

    3. Keep her sexy and fit. You can do this by ordering her to learn dance, yoga or meditation etc. Make her wear heels, hats etc. These will keep her sexy and fit. And, if she feels proud of her sexuality and feels harmony with you then she will never ever leave you entire life. She will love you, more than you.

    4. Never yell at her. If you don't feel good or angry then stay quite. In addition, let her feel that if she leaves you in future then it's her own decision. You will never ask her any question because you want her love, you dont want to get her love with force. So, it's entire her decision and it's her life.

    5. Make her feel special infront of her family and friends. open doors for her, hold her umbrella, coat and etc. AND YES, IF YOU HAVING DOMINANT MANLY TRAITS THEN THESE THINGS NEVER LET YOUR MASCULINITY DOWN.

    6. I seen many guys who think that being a bad boy attract women. It's totally wrong. Tell me one thing, who is more attractive for a girl? A boxer with all above traits or a bad boy who disrespect her???

    7. Learn to please her sexually or with romance or foreplay. Be expert in these things and live the life of your dreams.

    AND YES, MONEY MATTERS, BUT IF YOU ARE NOT RICH BUT SHE SEE YOU PASSION AND GOALS THEN STILL SHE WILL LOVE TO LIVE HER ENTIRE LIFE WITH YOU. but, if you not have money and you also passionless then your *** can kicked anytime.

    Do these things and see the magic in your relationship. She will start worshiping you.

    Good Day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Preeto Maam View Post
    If it makes her happy, why not? Sure, go ahead and praise her looks. What have you got to lose?

    Can anyone give me some tips how to praise her

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    you have a tough life ahead! think before making any serious decesion of life - you are raising a kid!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashmeet872001 View Post
    Can anyone give me some tips how to praise her
    Be genuine to start with...
    Remember all the reasons you fell in love with her

    More than complimenting her on how she looks or the regular ‘You are beautiful’, the special girl in your life most certainly and secretly hopes that you would pay a little more attention to things in the peripheral that matter to her.

    You should be a part of every success she celebrates and compliment her on every challenge faced. The girl in your life could be a student, a woman pursuing a career or even one exploring avenues in her pursuit of happiness. It is essential to keep in mind that your matter and so does every thing you say. Taking for granted that the feelings are reciprocated by her too, she is with you because of the quality you add to her life.

    What you say invariably makes a big difference in her life. This is due to the fact that she cares about the time she spends with you and what you think of her.

    Sweet things to say to your girl friend include letting her know that you are very impressed with her confidence level and sensitivity.

    All girls look for more than just compliments on their physical appearance. She, most definitely, would yearn to hear you compliment her on accomplishments, rather than her hair do

    1. Be true to her. The truth might hurt, but when she finds out you’re lying, it’s worse.
    2. Love what/who she loves. How can her little puppy at home be irritating?
    3. Spend quality time with her! She wants your full attention.
    4. If you’re really that busy, give her a call when you can.
    5. If you’re not even free to make a call, or cannot call during working hours, a text message warms her heart as well.
    6. Hold her hands in public. Be proud of her!
    7. Hug her! Hugs are stronger than kisses.
    8. Kiss her more, of course.
    9. Don’t sweet talk. Say nice things to her but make sure they’re always true!
    10. Respect her.
    11. Listen to her. Spend some time everyday listening to what she has got to say!
    12. Gifts! It doesn’t have to be any special day. Neither has it gotta be expensive.
      • Flowers - they love it.
      • Soft toys – if she’s not allergic, why not?
    13. Get to know her friends. Especially the people she mix around.
    14. Remember the anniversaries. Men often time forget these dates. It’s time you have an organiser to remember them.
    15. Care for her. Who doesn’t need some care?
    16. Tell her you love her. Simple 3 words “I love you” isn’t so hard to say, right?
    17. Send her a text and say good morning. She’ll feel good to see her boyfriend’s text early in the morning. It might wake her up, but she’ll still smile.
    18. Buy her her favourite food. Not hard right? How about dining at her favourite restaurant?
    19. Drop some vocabulary – such as ‘old’, ‘fat’, ‘ugly’. If you love her, these few words shouldn’t exist in your dictionary.
    20. Praise her. Be it a great job done, nice make up or a nice dress she wore, she’ll be happy.
    21. Compromise! She loves it but you’re not having pasta everyday, are you?
    22. Share a joke with her. Laughing is the best medicine.
    23. Be romantic. The beach and the stars? The park and the bench?

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