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    Cool Interview with Anushka

    'Feelings of love cannot be controlled.'

    After a successful RAB NE BANA DI JODI and an average BADMAASH COMPANY, Anushka Sharma is all geared up with her next film, BAND BAAJA BAARAAT. Catch her as in conversation as she speaks about the film, love, Ranveer Singh and more.

    How did you feel when Maneesh read you the script OF BAND BAAJA BAARAAT?
    I am a ****er for romantic comedies. I love romcoms. Ever since I became an actress, which was not very long ago, I wanted to do a romantic comedy but I don't see such films being made in our country like something I can fall in love with. I fell in love with this script as soon as it was narrated to me. When Maneesh narrated the script to me I did not realise how those three/three and a half hours passed. I was completely engrossed because Maneesh's narration was lovely. His understanding of the characters was great. He was narrating exactly how he wanted the characters to say the dialogues. I understood the idea and the world of the film instantly because of the narration and I was in love with the film so much that I didn't have to tell him that. After the narration I didn't find it important to tell him that I loved the script and wanted to do it or didn't want to do it, I also took that liberty because he is a friend, and we have shared a great relationship over three years.

    Did you and Maneesh know each other before BAND BAAJA BAARAAT?
    We have been friends for three years. Maneesh had been instrumental in me being in RAB NE BANA DI JODI. He was the person that auditioned me for Taani, that's how long back we go. It's very rare that you get a Hindi film script which is a romcom... in a romcom there is never a story. It's always about a boy meeting a girl... how they meet, what happens, what's the conflict - this is always the story. It's the story telling in this script, the screenplay and the dialogues that completely grasp you as a listener. This script completely took over me when I read it, and this is very rare in a Hindi film. BAND BAAJA BAARAAT is a romcom, it is a love story but with a lot of desi-pan to it... coz your characters are so grounded that you relate to it and become completely part of the film. That is what is so lovely about the movie and script.

    'I was very scared of Adi initially.'

    Tell us a bit about your character, Shruti Kakkar.
    Shruti could be a girl from any Indian city - Delhi, Bangalore, Nagpur, Mumbai. She wants to do a lot in life. She has many goals, is very ambitious and she is a very principled and well brought up kid from a loving close family. Her goal to be a wedding planner was perhaps set from the third wedding she ever attended with her parents when she had decided that I want to be part of these huge weddings, this glamour and I wanted to be making it in this world. She knew this right from the beginning ever since she was young and anything else that was surrounding - boys etc, friends; movies are all distractions like they are all uskee paao ki jooti.

    How did you prepare for this role - the world of wedding planners and the world of a Delhi girl?
    We play wedding planners but that's not the film - it's just the backdrop. It's a love story. As much as we needed to know about the planners was provided in the script as Maneesh and Habib Faisal (Screenplay & Dialogue writer) had researched extensively. Maneesh has been to so many weddings in his life in Delhi that he had a pretty good idea about it. Me on the other hand , I have not attended any wedding because by the time I was fourteen I was done with all the weddings in my family and nobody got married after that. I had to obviously learn a few things. And of course I learned things from Maneesh but when I read the script I didn't really feel I needed to know exactly what a wedding planner was coz that is not the film - it's not a documentary on wedding planning, it's a film simply set in the environment and it's primarily a love story.

    How was the experience working with Maneesh Sharma?
    I met Maneesh for the first time during my auditions for RNBDJ - he was playing table tennis and was sweating when I first saw him! He was the Associate Director. We became friends that very day we got along that day itself, because I was very scared of Adi initially, Maneesh was the medium between us. So we became friends. Maneesh is one of the five people I know in Mumbai ever since I have been here. Maneesh understands me, he understands my gestures and the things I do with my hands, my face, my eyes like anything, some of my movements that even I am not aware of he had observed me and he could take that out and make it a part of Shruti's characteristics. It was lovely working with Maneesh. I didn't have to pretend anytime. I could just go up and tell him 'dude mujhe samajh nahi aa rahaa hai' or say I don't agree with this. So there was no pretense. When we were on set of course we were director and actor but here was a comfort level, which I have never shared in my life that has helped me a lot to play Shruti.

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