Hi Friends

Thanks for the Overwhelming response on my previous thread with the name

"Use ur imagination on Bollywood ****s and Shag"

That thread was the most viewable thread (more than 962, 000) on SB Forum and this is possible with your support only..and was the first ever thread in SB which crossed 1 million viewership ).................. currently crossed

Use ur imagination on Bollywood ****s -2
viewership: 1,228,740on 03 Jan 2011

Use ur imagination on Bollywood ****s -3
viewership: 1,292,161 on 03 Jan 2011

Back again with my new thread as a Continuation to my previous thread

Use ur imagination on Bollywood ****s -4

viewership: 338319 on 11 May 2010 in 50 Days........
(closed because of unspecified reasons)

Use ur imagination on Bollywood ****s -5
viewership: 411,760 on 03 Jan 2011

Use ur imagination on Bollywood ****s -6
03 Jan 2011

  • Hope this will find your attention

I would like to says thanks to mods and some senior members who supported my cause

upar aadhi chain khuli hai aur neeche taangein....kya irada hai

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