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Thread: Small-Time Kandivali Convict Killed IM Chief In Karachi

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    Default Small-Time Kandivali Convict Killed IM Chief In Karachi

    Mumbai, Jan 13 : Sources in Mumbai police have revealed how a small-time convict from Mumbai's Kandivali went to Pakistan and pumped bullets into Indian Mujahideen mastermind Riyaz Bhatkal in Karachi, reports Mid day.

    Even as the daring shootout that killed India's most wanted terrorist and chief of terror outfit Indian Mujahideen, Riyaz Bhatkal has thrown investigators into a huddle, the needle of suspicion points to this Mumbai assassin.

    According to sources, the man identified as the shooter is a former convict affiliated to Mumbai's underworld.
    Maharashtra's Anti-Terrorism Squad chief Rakesh Maria told Mid Day that there is a delay in gathering details of the killing, and confirming facts. There are enough details though, Maria pointed out.

    The identification of the shooters and the slain terrorists could be delayed as they could be carrying fake travel documents and living under assumed names in Dubai and later in Karachi.

    Sources informed that the hireling is a contract killer from Kandivli, who was named in earlier supari hits. He jumped bail and was assigned the task to carry out the killings in Karachi. He is known to have worked as an informer in various gangs, and belongs to the lower rung of society.

    While the grapevine is rife with rumours and theories surrounding the brains behind the murder, fingers are pointing at the involvement of the Chhota Rajan gang. Sources suggested that the kaam or job was outsourced through fugitive gangster Chhota Rajan, who is known for his desh bhakti banner.

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    The name of incarcerated gangster Babloo Srivastava has also emerged for his alleged role in providing logistic support to the death squad. While some sources pointed out that the operation could have been masterminded by Indian intelligence sources.

    One theory doing the rounds is that the unnamed shooter was shown the two targets travelling in a Toyota near Karina Market in downtown Karachi by intelligence operatives. The shooter opened fire on the two men, who succumbed to their injuries in a nearby hospital.

    Bhatkal has been the face of the Indian Mujahideen for the past seven years. He has been the mastermind of several blasts in the country including serial blasts in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Jaipur and Bangalore. After his death, the IM will be forced to come up with a new commander to fill Bhatkal's shoes.

    The contract killer appears to have slipped into Karachi via Nepal. The back-up team comprising of locals and porters from Nepal posed as carriers from Kathmandu carting items like kurtas and sherwanis to Karachi as a cover for their operation.

    Underworld sources said Indian intelligence had earlier pulled off a similar operation by bumping off Dawood Ibrahim's key associate and Nepali Member of Parliament Mirza Dilshad Baig with the help of Rajan's henchmen Farid Tanasha and Balu Dokre at Kathmandu on June 7, 1998.

    Rajan had earlier made dozens of attempts on the life of his former mentor Dawood Ibrahim with the help of his lieutenant Farid Tanasha.
    The killer squad had to abort the operations due to the ISI security cover around Dawood. Some of the shooters in Tanasha's team include Bunty Pandey, Vicky Malhotra, Balu Dokre, Ejaz Lakdawala and Ejaz Pathan.

    An earlier report says, underworld don Chota Rajan had told an Indian news channel that his aides have killed Riyaz Bhatkal and an associate of his, Anwar, in Kareena Market of Gulshan Iqbal area of Karachi, Pakistan.

    The don further went on to claim that Bhatkal was shot dead and he died on bed number 18 in ward 222 of the Jiauddin hospital in Karachi on Thursday (Jan 6) The attack took place the preceding day (Jan 5), Chhota Rajan claimed. Anwar died on the spot while Riyaz Bhatkal succumbed to injuries the next day.

    Chhota Rajan added that the body of Riyaz Bhatkal was identified by a person named Abdul Aziz Bhidani. Riyaz was staying in Karachi under an assumed name Dilbar Iqbal.

    Riyaz Bhatkal was wanted in a spate of bomb blasts which rocked India in the past couple of years. He was co-founder of the Indian Mujahideen and had masterminded the deadly blasts at Jaipur Bengaluru . Ahmedabad and Delhi .

    Soon after these blasts he fled to Pakistan, which was confirmed by the IB last year. The confirmation came after the IB tracked the call records of some of his associates and when the voice samples were matched they were sure that it was Bhatkal on the other side. The calls were also traced to Karachi where Bhatkal was residing.

    Bhatkal, whose actual name is Riyaz Shahbandri, worked under the alias of Sharukh Khan while in India and in Pakistan changed his name to Dilawar Iqbal.

    Bhatkal started off his journey into the crime scene in his hometown of Bhatkal. He began his terror spree by acting as an informer in this coastal town in Karnataka, which is communally charged.

    His crime sheet states that he used to pass on information for a few bucks to both communities who were at loggerheads since time immemorial at Bhatkal.

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