mam im in a fix.i am in love wit a guy for the past 5years.itz a long distance relationship n he lives in the u.s. while i live in india.when he got to knw about my feelings he told me dat he likes me bt doesnt luves me.he cares a lot about me n evn stays awake for 4 am in da morning to help me in my presentations n projects n calls me day n he says dat he likes me a lot bt doesnt hv any feelings of love coz he doesnt knw wat luv is.if sometimes i ask him do u miss me he says dat he doesnt miss me bt it has become a routine 4 him to call me day n nite n talk to me coz he evn enjoys my he has been alwaz truthful about his feelings to me.whenever i used to say dat i think u luv me bt evn u r nt aware of it he says dat he doesnt da situation got worse when he talked to his parents about me bt his parents are totally against da relation coz im nt a brahmin n he evn he lost interest in da relation n told me dat he wants to break up or in oder words doesnt want to stay in contact wid me coz he finds something missin in i alwaz used to cry so he cudnt see my tears n stayed wid me.i used to tell him dat we will convince our parents later on bt b4 dat we shud try to make our relationship work by working on my faults or what he is findin missin in me.he gave me two chances bt i failed to prove coz he alwaz wants to hear sumthin romantic n sumthing gud bt im very shy n cudnt express in da back of my mind im more romantic,more supportive n luv him more den myself.i alwaz write in a diary how much i luv him or wat we wud do after marriage etc bt when he calls me up i kind of bcum shy n shows him nakhra like oder girls n laughs at his romantic ideas which i dont really mean to.since i dont repond him back romantically he feels dat sumthing is lackin in us.i thought i will show him how much romantic im wit him wid my actions den sayin it wid words coz we alwaz talk on fon or chat online coz it a long distance relation n we hardly dis tym he told me dat he has made up his mind n wont give me another chance to prove him.he told me dat he has evn started talkin to sum1 else which his mom has chosen for him to 4get me.itz been just 15days dat he has evn started talkin wid another girl n is ignorin me who loves him more den nything n is evn ready to sacrifice my life 4 him.i knw dat luv cannot b forced upon bt evn he had sum feelings later on bt now he says dat all his feelings are dead now which he had maam im nt able to forget him coz we became very intimate once when he cam to india.he comes to india once in a beggin him 4 a last chance bt he is simply nt listening ,he thinks dat the relationship wil nt work out evr n he told me dat evn he is gettin hurt so much dat he also had to consult a mam i will nt b able to forget him 4 my entire life coz i cant imagine my life wid sum1 else except him n im feelin more guilty bcoz i ws very similar to him,very romantic bt he thinks dat our likings r nt similar which is not i am exactly like him bt my fault lies dat cudnt express 4 my shyness.wat shud i do?pliz dont tell me to forget him