Stone tools discovered in UAE (United Arab Emirates) reopened the question about the modern man migration from his ancestral home, Eastern Africa. Until this discovery it was thought that humans appeared in Africa 200,000 years before spreading all over the world 50,000 years ago. But the tools discovered in UAE by a German team are shaped by humans, proving that these nutshells left Africa much earlier, about 127,000 years ago.

However, all these kind of discoveries attract many theories some being explainable and some if not aberrant, then at least unusual. Theories attract questions, and some questions are really interesting, as observed by New York Times: those humans that reached Djebel Faya, the place where the tolls were found, are they really Homo Sapiens? If so, did they all stopped there or they continued their journey?

Some theories suggest that the tools found in Djebel could be related to an advanced social and cultural proto-society, and the climate in that period had to be temperate in order to permit such a complex migration. Other questions ask if there are some other proto-nutshells that left Africa about 200,000 years ago or even earlier.

No matter how credible one discovery might be, it will always float on a cloud of incertitude. This one is no exception because those many variables that we should take into account were destroyed or hidden by the time’s sand. One could reveal the real true only by traveling with the time machine. But, even then you might find in your nutshell a seed of doubt that comes from the ancient times.